Saturday 7 June 2014

Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q1 2014

Greenlight Capital an American hedge fund

David Einhorn tends to be a very active investor and also this quarter there has been several changes to the stock portfolio. Here you can find the previous analysis of the dealings for Greenlight Capital and David Einhorn Q4 2013.

The new stocks were:

American Capital Agency Corp. - which is a mortgage REIT.

Blackhawk Network Holdings - a company active with e-commerce.

Conns Inc - an online home electronics and furniture shop.

Hatteras Financial - another mortgage REIT.

Lam Research Corp - a producer of semiconductors and wafers.

Nokia corp - producer of mobile devices and mobile systems. A long time ago it was analysed here.

Talmer Banc Corp - an American bank running 94 branches.

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Conclusion: He added a total of seven new American stocks two of which being REITs. In the same round he kicked out seven companies from the list and he has started to decrease his Apple holding. I guess he got bored because it was a poor decision and the share price has increased nicely during Q2.

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