Saturday 18 January 2014

Dividend from ABF: January 2014

An UK sugar, spice and retail producer

My favourite company Associated British Foods became the first one this year to arrive with dividends. ABF was the company that I bought according to the Peter Lynchs' concept of checking out the local mall and see where people go to shop. Primark which is a daughter company of ABF simply have silly low prices on the cloths and now in hard times people try to save every cent which is why they go there to shop like crazy. Still today the store is full and people walk out of there with several bags in their hands.

ABF paid out 22.85 GBP which gives me 27.29 € on the stock deposit. Since the new year has started my tax free part of 810 € has again been set to zero which then also means that I had to pay nothing this time.

The dividend payment will be added to the Stock Dividend page.

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