Thursday 28 February 2013

Asian Bamboo Preliminary 2012

A Chinese forrest company registered in Germany

Today Asian Bamboo came out with the preliminary results for 2012 which were some very bad news.

A small summary:

  • Revenue down 19%
  • Write down on the "fairly" valued biological assets by 19.1M€
  • Cutting the dividend payment for 2012 not decreasing. Cutting!
  • Informing that winter has been very cold in China meaning that Q1 harvest of the bamboo sprouts will be very poor in 2013.
Hmmmm.... It is a good moment to buy more stocks cheap since it dropped by 22% today. I have to think a little about this since I had planned to buy other stocks and the question is always.
How long will it take until the stock recovers from this?
Will there be other equally good moments to buy more cheap also 6 months from now?

I think I will wait this time and make the month investment into a dividend paying stock instead.

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