Analysis of BMW 2015

BMW, a German car and motorcycle producer

Company: BMW

ISIN DE0005190003 | WKN 519000 

Business: A German car and motorcycle producer. They have three units which are: BMW (also motorcycle, and the production is almost completely in Germany), Mini and Rolls-Royce (both are still produced in the UK). In cooperation with Sixth they also have DriveNow which is a car sharing system.

Active: World wide sales of their cars and motorcycles.

P/E: 12.5

Analysis of Beiersdorf 2015

Beiersdorf, a German consumer products company

Company: Beiersdorf

ISIN DE0005200000 | WKN 520000 

Business: A German consumer products company. They have three segments that are represented by three brands: Mass Market (Nivea), Dermocosmetics (Eucerin) and the third one is Premium Segment (La Prairie). They do however also produce Tesa film and Hansaplast.

Active: World wide in over 200 countries

P/E: 38.5

Analysis of Nestlé 2015

Nestlé, a Swiss consumer product giant

Company: Nestlé

ISIN CH0038863350 | WKN A0Q4DC

Business: A Swiss very large consumer products company. The main focus is within nutrition, pet care, health and wellness. To mentioned a few of their brands then: Gerber, Perrier, KitKat, Smarties, Nescafé, Maggi, Dog Chow, Purina and for the more complete list please look here.

Active: World wide

P/E: 16.5

Analysis of Bayer 2015

Bayer, a German life science company

Company: Bayer

ISIN DE000BAY0017 | WKN BAY001  

Business: A German life science company. They stand on three pillars at the moment: HealthCare, CropScience and MaterialScience. However it is their plan to float the MaterialScience on the stock market during 2015 which then becomes an 11 billion € revenue chemical company.

Active: Present world wide with heaviest focus in Europe and North America.

P/E: 32.2

Analysis of Unilever 2015

Unilever, a Dutch-British consumer product company

Company: Unilever

ISIN NL0000009355 | WKN A0JMZB

Business: A Dutch-British consumer product company. They have several well known brands such as Dove, Axe, Lipton, Ben & Jerry's, Knorr, Vaseline, Cif, Bertolli etc. For the more complete list of brands please look here however they have in total over 400 brands so they only show the most successful ones. My question is if they should not remove some just like P&G decided to do...

Active: World wide presence with product sales in 190 countries.

P/E: 23.9

Analysis of Allianz 2015

Allianz, a German financial service company

Company: Allianz

ISIN DE0008404005 | WKN 840400  

Business: A German financial service company. They offer six different products / services: Private Insurance (Car, Health, Family House etc.), Business Insurance (large and medium sized companies), Asset Management (fixed income products, stocks and commodities), Global Lines of Business (reinsurance, life insurance and real estate), Assistance Services (automotive, travel, health & life and property) and finally Sustainable Solutions (microinsurance and investments). 

Active: Over 70 countries with 85 million customers.

P/E: 11.9

Share price fall versus share price rise

Water-palace, Jaipur, India

Now that the stock market is dropping and we are hoping for new contrarian moments there are more and more articles being written regarding bubbles, market tops, market corrections, jumping in and out of the market etc. etc.

One of the comments, that I keep seeing more and more often and that keeps annoying me are: "You need a 100% share price increase to regain a 50% loss." Is this true?

DBAG report Q1 2015

DBAG, Q1, 2015, report, front page

DBAG with their broken year managed to push out their Q1 report some time ago. Since they announced their dividend the share price has run amok and they have even managed to pay it to their devoted shareholders. What was in the report?