German inside trading: June 2015

Germany, insider trading, June, 2015

June arrived and passed and with it there were also registered insider trades occurring. The activity on the stock market has been up and down and all over the place. The zero interest rate + Greece seems to make it difficult for the market to place a correct value on a company. The question is if the managers in the company are better able to do this?

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The dealing were:

Dividend from Enel: June 2015

Enel, an Italian electricity company

The flow of dividends will from now on significantly decrease. My two US companies (Intel & IBM) and my UK one (BP) will keep paying each quarter but those massive once a year payment I only have one left after this one from Enel. I must say that I am pretty content with the overall dividend increase that I have received this year.

Enel increased their dividend slightly and I therefore received 63 € for my 450 shares. There were some taxes taken in the size of 23.02 € (I notice that Italy have increased their taxes from 20 to 26%) which gives me 39.98 € as cash on my account. With Enel I now have a YoC of 5.8% after almost two years of holding which I find to be great.

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Analysis of Encana

Encana, a Canadian energy company

Company: Encana

ISIN CA2925051047 | WKN 798291 

Business: A Canadian energy producer. They are standing on three legs by: Natural Gas, Oil and finally Natural Gas Liquids, which when it comes down to it is one and the same leg that they are standing on and the extraction is being done via shale operations in most cases as I understood it.

Active: North America so Canada and the US of A.

P/E: 3.0

Comment: They are listed in the US and their financial statements are in USD so therefore I based also the analysis on that.

Summer break 2015 is here

Flowers, beautiful, friends, Sweden

I just now got the final result from my macro economy studies that I have conducted full-time at the University of Lund in Sweden. Full time today means that one have to collect 30 credits during one semester and one applies for the courses semester based. This, on the other hand, means that I have already applied for the new courses for the autumn semester,

When I was a student the last time then there were only three grades. Failed, Passed or you Passed with Extinction. Today they have decided to give more pads on the shoulders so you got F, E, D, C, B and A. F is failed and everything else is different levels of having too many points on the exam which, in the end, means that you studied too much.

Analysis of Uniqa

Uniqa, an Austrian insurance company

Company: Uniqa

ISIN AT0000821103 | WKN 928900 

Business: An Austrian insurance company. They are, as most of them, standing on three pillars: Property & Casualty Insurance (45% of premiums), Life Insurance (17% of premiums) and finally Health Insurance (38% of premiums). They are to 31.4% owned by Raiffeisen Zentralbank and to 30.6% owned by Uniqa Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung.

Active: Austrian and Central an Eastern Europe. In total in 19 European countries.

P/E: 8.8

Dividend from BP: June 2015

BP, a UK oil giant

The second quarter of dividend payment from BP arrived on the account. Each quarter they try to push stocks on me as dividend payment, which I would have loved to take, but due to the fees from my broker I simply can not take that offer.

I currently have 354 shares in BP and they paid out in total 23.11 GBP which got converted to 32.31 € and from this was then taken 8.53 € in taxes. So the dividend payment got less but due to a stronger GBP I still got more euro out. Hurrah!

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Analysis of Mattel

Mattel, an American toy producer

Company: Mattel

ISIN US5770811025 | WKN 851704  

Business: An American toy and family product producer. Their portfolio contains: Barbie®, the most popular fashion doll ever produced, Hot Wheels®, Monster High®, American Girl®, Thomas & Friends® and Fisher-Price® brands, including Little People® and Power Wheels®, as well as a wide array of entertainment-inspired toy lines.

Active: World wide with sales in 150 countries.

P/E: 18.6

Hamburgers, are we still loving it?

I started writing this reflection when the CEO of McDonald's, Mr. Don Thompson, was removed as a CEO after hardly even three years on the job. I am not able to judge if he did a good or a bad job during his period as a CEO however it is a fact that the revenue and profit did not increase as the shareholders were hoping for. Was that due to him, due to that the previous CEO had not responded and started to change the steering or was it due to a general change in society with an interest in healthier food and being prepared to spend more money on food that looks, taste and maybe even claims to be organic. I do not know. But I find less than three years to be too short for even being able to start to change things and especially in a giant like McDonald's. This piece was supposed to be about impatience but it was pulled into another direction during the writing so the title was changed simply to Hamburgers, are we still loving it?