Analysis of Gazprom

A Russian energy company

Company: Gazprom

Business: A Russian energy company that are sitting on 18 % of the worlds calculated gas reserves. They are active within several fields and to just mention a few: Geological Exploration, Gas Production, Gas Transportation, Storage of Gas, Processing & Sales of Gas as well as Marketing of of Heat and Electric Power.

Active: Main activity is Russia but they are a large exporter of gas via their 168.000 km gas pipelines and are therefore present in 30 countries. Is a major player in Europe since several countries buy the gas from Gazprom.

P/E: 2.6

How contrarian has Russia and Ukraine become?

Russias colours and country from wikimediaUkraine colours and country from wikimedia

source: Wikimedia

When the conflict between Ukraine and Russia started my company Kernel (analysis can be found here) directly dropped by several %-age and I decided to step in with more money to get more shares. Kernel is however registered in Poland but are active to 100% in Ukraine. The registration in Poland makes me a little bit more comfortable since it is within EU and to go further East has an increased level of risk to it but on the other hand if I am crazy enough to buy into a war then why should going further East stop me?

Since the start of all the troubles I have been interested in taking a closer look at Ukrainian as well as Russian companies. Until now I had not found a company screener that I was comfortable with but now I have (at least for Russia) and in the next couple of days / weeks I will try to take a look at companies in both these countries. Easter is however coming up and I will be travelling so we shall see how many articles I will manage to produce... maybe none... maybe one per day as I usually try to do it depends a little on my neighbour and that he sometimes graciously (but yet unknowingly, I am sure) leaves his internet open for the world to use.

If we only look at the stock markets then the drop has been in Russia over -20% and already from the start the companies were traded at low P/Es. In Ukraine if I got things correct the shares are even up by +35% this is very exciting! I guess it comes from that investors / institutions have done two things... punishing Russia and at the same time discovered that Ukraine existed and woops had a lot of cheap companies and I am very much looking forward to digging thru a few of their companies!


Analysis of Asseco Poland

A Polish information technology company

Company: Asseco Poland

Business: A Polish information technology company. They have two pillars that they stand on and one is the sale of software (platforms for internet based businesses) and services (knowledge management, risk management and workflows)

Active: Poland is their strongest market and from there they are moving out into the rest of Europe. They grow by acquisition of smaller companies using the Polish market and market position as a cash cow for doing so.

P/E: 9.5

€ vs $

maxinfo, maxblue, deutsche bank

This article was started in the beginning of December 2013 due to two events that happened:

1. I received a letter in October 2013 from my stock broker telling me that the dollar would definitely become much stronger very soon and now was the time to act on that! The entire thing can be found here.
2. A relative of mine (back in November 2013) was talking about how strong the dollar would become very soon.

If it would have been only one event happening then I doubt that it would have triggered me to respond to it but since it was two then some thoughts is always needed and especially what is that statement based on that the dollar will become stronger? Or maybe it is easier to start to ask why is the dollar so cheap today?

Analysis of Neste Oil

A Finnish oil and refinery company

Company: Neste Oil

Business: A Finnish oil and refinery company. They have two business segments: Oil Products & Renewable (procures crude oil, produce classical products such as lubricants as well as renewable diesel) and the second segment is Oil Retail (fuel stations, biggest in Finland and have a market cut also in the Baltics and parts of Russia)

Active: Mainly around the Baltic Sea with Finland, the Baltics, Sweden but are also present in the Netherlands, in the US and in the Middle East.

P/E: 7.3