Analysis of Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences, an American bio-pharmaceutical company

Company: Gilead Sciences

ISIN US3755581036 | WKN 885823

Business: An American bio-pharmaceutical company. They are involved in six different fields: HIV/AIDS, Liver Diseases, Oncology/Inflammation, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and finally Other. They go all the way from discovery, development and finally commercialisation of the new pharmaceuticals.

Active: They are present on every continent but mainly/strongest in the US and in Europe.

P/E: 14.0

Stocks of Interest: March 2015

Stocks of Interest, February, 2015, contrarian

Last month I did manage to fill up my positions in Talanx as well as Tessenderlo so the only still "open" positions are the Russian ETF and of course Eniro but they will get no more money until I see a wind of change.

I had no issues averaging up in Talanx and Tessenderlo which opens up more companies that I should average up in such as for instance Enel and Intel, both of which had small initial investments, but I feel no stress in doing so and in the end... investing is a marathon and not a sprint.

Summary of February 2015

Summary, February, 2015

I am tired at the moment and it comes from me having lost my habit of studying. I simply do not perform as well as I did in the past and the memory I had of how easy it was to study is disappearing. It is not due to difficult material it is simply due to that I have lost my study routine and I have too many other things in life that takes and must be given time. I will not be chocked if I fail the examination in two respectively three weeks from now.

In the company I also have much to do at the moment. Preparation of patents, articles, presentations, products, reports, applying for more governmental funding... all of it is currently a fog and for the first time ever I was forced to sit down and write a to-do list for the next couple of months so that I hopefully will not fail one of the deadlines.

To be able to start the company I once upon a time borrowed money from my kind brother. Now during February it hit me that it is unacceptable that I am building up a stock portfolio when he could be doing that for the very same money. Even worse is that he is an active investor so he would not waste it on useless consumption. I have therefore added to my target for 2015 to pay off that loan this year and I will make sure that my brother gets a nice Christmas bonus. I will still try my very best to keep up with the current monthly investment strategy (~2,000 € / month) but in the end of 2015 I may be forced to push it down to be able to make the repayment to my brother. If he reads this then I am sorry that I have not been quicker in paying you back.

In the end of March I am off to India again for probably the last time. I will this time travel around a little so that I get out of Delhi and get to see the country side in India. I am very much looking forward to this even though the schedule will be very tight and exhausting.

German inside trading: February 2015

Inside trading, Germany, February, 2015

The bull run continued during February to the great joy of everyone that decided to keep their stocks (around +5%). According to statistics I read many German small investors had already 2014 moved their money out of the stock market. I wonder when they will panic and jump back in again. Most likely at the wrong moment with losses to follow. Never jump in out of panic, jump in when others panic.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: January 2015.

The dealing were:

Analysis of Google 2015

Google, an American internet company

Company: Google

ISIN US38259P5089 | WKN A0B7FY

Business: An American service and internet company. They offer a broad range of products under eight headings: Web (Web search, Google chrome), Mobile (Mobile, maps for mobile), Media (Books, Image search), Geo (Maps and Earth), Specialized Search (Scholar, Trends), Home & Office (Gmail, Drive), Social (Google+, Blogger) and finally Innovation (Code).

Active: World wide

P/E: 26.6

Dividend From ETF Russia: February 2015

HSBC, the provider of my Russian ETF

To be honest with you this dividend was not at all on my radar neither in terms of when as well as the size of it. I did on purpose buy the dividend paying ETF so I did expect to get something but nothing close to the amount that was paid out.

For my 135 parts I received a total of 48.98 USD which got converted to 43.12 € and since my investment was 1,014 € I got a 4.25% dividend which is not bad at all. Oh, and I paid no taxes since it is running on the 801 € that are tax free on capital gains here in Germany.

The Stock Dividends page has now been updated if you want to follow my dividend progress.

Analysis of Deckers Brands 2015

Deckers Brands, an American shoe company

Company: Deckers Brands

ISIN US2435371073 | WKN 894298

Business: An American outdoor and sports shoe producer with focus on niche markets and nice products. Their brands are: UGG, I HEART UGG, Teva, Sanuk, TSUBO, Ahnu, MOZO, and HOKA ONE ONE.

Active: Products are sold in 50 countries and they own themselves 138 stores.

P/E: 17.7

Analysis of Etteplan

Etteplan, a Finnish engineering service company

Company: Etteplan

ISIN FI0009008650 | WKN 938050

Business: A Finnish service company. Their main focus is the engineering services and technical documentation solutions for the manufacturing industry. What they include in the manufacturing industry are: Automotive, Aeronautics & Space, Energy Equipment, Defence and finally Marine & Offshore.

Active: Currently in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and in China. The manufacturing companies that they service do however work world-wide.

P/E: 13.2