Analysis of Piramal

Piramal, an Indian pharmaceuticals company

Company: Piramal

ISIN INE140A01024 | A0DQEJ

Business: An Indian mainly pharmaceutical company that before the 1980s was a textile company. They stand on four pillars today: Piramal Enterprises with (piramal healthcare, piramal life sciences, piramal capital, and the decision resources group), Piramal Glass (creating all kind of good looking glass containers for perfumes etc.), Piramal Realty (they have started to step into real estate) anf finally Piramal Foundation (social project to improve life in India).

Active: Their self developed pharmaceuticals are being sold in over 100 countries which gives them world wide presence.

P/E: -26.8

Comment: Approximately once per year I go to India for business and I was just not invited for going there in March. This caused me to take a look at some of the companies in Indian and from the screener Piramal looked very interesting. The result was not as interesting though.... The common shares have no voting power and the voting power shares seem to be held very tightly by the Piramal family. I almost get the feeling that when they get bored they start to invest in new things and maybe one should look more upon the Piramal Group as an investment company than anything else.

Change of plans

An old coffee ad to enhance the coffee consumption

As the picture so nicely puts it. Sleeping is overrated. I always find it horrible when I sit down and calculate how much of my life that I am just sleeping away. Sure, some people live a more exciting life when they sleep than reality so no wonder they want to sleep 10 to 12 hours per day but for a person like me that never remember any dreams those five to six and half hours are just a drag.

I know that my body needs it... at least as things are today but to find a more efficient solution would be a great invention that I would fully support.

Anyway, what are then those change of plans... well, it simply boils down to this. I have decided that I need to put not only the kicked out companies on a list but all of them. I will still keep the documents separated as I have them now and I will just add one more list that is not called kicked out but it will be the one file to serve them all, one file to rule them all and one file to well... take a look at every now and then. It will then also become easier to see if a company will get interesting again and I can look at that list and be less dependent on people informing me and giving me a heads up when a company starts to turn interesting.

Analysis of Kardex

Kardex, a Swiss storage and distributions company

Company: Kardex

ISIN CH0100837282 | WKN A0RMWK

Business: A Swiss storage and distribution company. The company have two business units: The first one is Kardexremstar (with Carousel and lift systems, Office solutions and Warehouse solutions ) and secondly Kardexmlog (with Storage and retrieval systems, Conveyor systems, Turnkey systems solutions and Material flow systems).

Active: They are present in over 30 countries which they claim to be world wide.

P/E: 8.0

Extra stock bought October 2014: BASF

BASF, a German chemical company

Due to the current silliness of the market a lot of nice opportunities have turned up and if a DAX company starts to trade too cheaply, which many of them do right now, then I would be silly not to try to buy it.

For that reason I managed to bring up some extra money and I bought 31 shares in BASF at a total cost of 2012.05 € including fees or better put around 64.90 € per share. I think I will have to live yet another month on air and love, but that will not hurt me as long as it is not every month...

Intel report Q3 2014

Intel, Q3, 2014, report, summary, front page

The report was very well accepted and the share price jumped up around 2.5% in the beginning but the day after there was intense sadness and the stock went back around -4.5%. What can then be the reason for this roller coaster?

Analysis of Swiss Re

Swiss Re, A Swiss reinsurance company

Company: Swiss Re

ISIN CH0126881561 | WKN A1H81M

Business: A Swiss reinsurance company. They have three business units: Reinsurance (with Property & Casualty and Life & Health), Corporate Solutions (which concerns risk management and financing needs of corporations) and finally Admin Re (consultancy for insurance companies).

Active: Globally with presence on each continent reinsuring companies with global presence themselves.

P/E: 6.4

PIF C: October 2014

PIF C, DAX, year two or round two

For the previous report with company composition please see Personalized Index Fund C: July 2014. Back then things were looking very good for this mechanical fund and in only two months it had manaed to increase 2% more than DAX.

Today PIF C is standing with the trousers down and it has during the last quarter decreased by -9% and are now at an equal level with DAX at -6% since the start of round two.

I am so glad that I am running this experiment before I have to take the decision to put a large part of my money into a "fund". Beating index is tough!

Analysis of Ascopiave

Ascopiave, an Italian gas distributer

Company: Ascopiave

ISIN IT0004093263 | WKN A0LF39

Business: An Italian distributor and seller of natural gas. They are divided into three activities: Distribution (with 8,600 km of pipelines), Gas Sales (to 830,000 clients) and finally Other Services (generation and sale of heat and electricity).

Active: Italy only

P/E: 10.4