Analysis of Best Buy 2014

Best Buy, an American company selling home electronics

Company: Best Buy

ISIN US0865161014 | WKN 873629

Business: An American home electronics retail chain. They have two pillars that they stand on: The Stores (1,400 of which 70% of the Americans can reach in 15 minutes receiving professional advice and help with their home electronics) and the Web Store (that together with the stores have more than 1.5 billion visits each year).

Active: In the US, Canada, China and Mexico.

P/E: 24.0

Comment: As I have mentioned I will keep mixing of making analysis of new companies with an update of especially the companies with negative earnings on the All company analysis list and Best Buy is part of that update.

"Dividend" from Tessenderlo: December 2014

Tessenderlo, a Belgian chemistry company

It is not correct to call it dividend, because it is a sale of the pre-emptive rights that I received and decided to forsake, but I have decided to call all given money from companies for the sake of simplicity dividend and I will report the money in the dividend page.

I received 45 rights and they were sold for 1.548527 € giving me a total of 69.68 € and I have to pay taxes in the size of 7.29 €, I must admit that I had forgotten the tax payment when I calculated the benefit of selling the pre-emptive rights in comparison to buying more of them so in the end I will re-calculate what actually would have been the most favourable way.

If you want to find out more about Tessenderlo then please go to the analysis of Tessenderlo.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

Back to the school bench again

Lund University, logo, economy

After some set backs I am, soon to be, a full time student again!

I realised some time ago that I could make online studies for free at Swedish Universities (since I am still a Swedish citizen) and that some of the courses even means that one does not have to be present for writing the exams. Excellent!

I therefore signed up on the online portal that deals with all the applications and I even tried to apply late for some courses that started back in September. I never got any of those places which I found a bit disturbing because from my days as a "real" student I got accepted to practically everything I applied to.

So there seemed to be a smelly fish in the back seat!

Analysis of Fyffes

Fyffes, a tropical fruit distributor

Company: Fyffes

ISIN IE0003295239 | WKN 875263

Business: An Irish importer of tropical fruits. They have four segments: Bananas, Pineapples, Melons and Fruit Snacks. They are working intensively with the entire supply chain from the farms, to the shippers all the way to their won distribution and ripening centres.

Active: In Windward Islands, Belize, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Honduras, Cameroon, Brazil and Peru, Panama and Ecuador are the farm sites and sales are in Europe and the US.

P/E: 16.3

Dividend from IBM: December 2014

IBM, an American service company

My second American company, IBM, paid also out dividend so that I can afford to buy a Christmas tree this year. Actually I managed to get the Christmas tree cheaper (it costed 10 €) than what they paid me still it is a pity that I must buy one at all. I prefer the north Swedish way of simply going into the forest and cutting down the tree to the annoyance of the forest owner but maybe they can write it off on the taxes as a donation to the population so maybe they do not really care either.

For my 16 shares in IBM I received 1.10 USD per share which gave in total 17.60 USD that became 14.19 € from this I paid 2.13 € in taxes and I received 12.06 € on my account. Due to the change in USD/EUR I received more € out this quarter than the previous.

If you want to know more about IBM then please visit analysis of IBM 2014.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

Working population in various countries

France, population, world cup, rugby

I actually took a look at this data and collected all the information several months ago but then I kind of lost track of it. Probably due to that the report season started for quarter three. Anyway now I start to be back on track again so I then decided to make an article concerning it.

The starting point was that I found it strange that the unemployment level is so low in Germany (around 5%) but at the same time I see so many people, probably especially here in Berlin, that unfortunately are forced to live on social welfare.

Analysis of Polytec

Polytec, an Austrian automotive supplier

Company: Polytec

ISIN AT0000A00XX9 | WKN A0JL31

Business: An Austrian automotive supplier that have around two thirds of their workforce in Germany. They have four business units: Plastics (injection moulded components for engine compartments and vehicle interiors and exteriors), Composites (SMC exterior parts to the European commercial vehicles industry), Car Styling (accessories, small series parts and systems for the automotive world) and finally Industrial (plastic moulded parts and polyurethane coatings for a wide range of industrial applications)

Active:  In Austria, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Canada, USA, China.

P/E: 10.3

RSS Feeds for simplicity

RSS Feeds, logo, news

Today something hit me due to an article publish on Old School Value. He had there produced a Google spreadsheet to compile and separate news from his different companies because he did not like that all of them ended up in one long list. This for him meant that the "hot" companies ended up eating all the space of the feed and drained out any news from the other not hot companies.

My first thought was why use a spreadsheet and why not just import the RSS feeds concerning the companies directly to Outlook, Thunderbird or the blog for that matter and then only add them as separate feeds under the company name?

My second thought was darn, why am I not getting the news feeds myself from my companies?

I mean, I use RSS feeds all the time. I use it for work to stay updated with the important journals in my field, I use it on the blog to stay updated with what other bloggers are publishing, heck I even produce my own on this blog! I have after each quarter or annual report taken a look in the financial calendar to see when the next report should arrive and then added that to my calendar to make sure I do not miss something which has been pretty annoying and I have even missed some reports...

By getting the RSS feed I will then get all this information directly plus additional things concerning the progress of my companies. My fear is that I might end up getting married to the companies due to too much information. Future will tell and by the look of things I seem to be married to most of them already.

Anyway, upon this realisation, I directly went to all the homepages of my companies and added their RSS feeds to my Outlook account, each company in its own little folder and sometimes they offer several feeds that I have now just baked into one heading under their name in Outlook.

Funny how one can sometimes not see what is directly in front of ones nose.