Analysis of Infineon 2016

Infineon, a German semiconductor company

Company: Infineon 

ISIN DE0006231004 | WKN 623100 

Business: A German semiconductor company. They seem to have completely changed the structure so now they are talking about product categories or applications. Here is the list of their products: Power, ASIC, Automotive System IC, ESD & Surge & Fuse, HiRel, Microcontroller, RF & Wireless Control, Security & smart card solutions, Sensor, Interface, Transistor & Diode and finally Evaluation Boards.

Active: Claim to have 35,400 employees world wide. 

P/E: 22.4

Analysis of Henkel 2016

Henkel, a German consumer products company

Company: Henkel 

ISIN DE0006048432 | WKN 604843 

Business: A German consumer products company that are divided into three business units: Laundry & Home Care (28% of revenue, product examples: Persil, Purex and Pril) , Beauty Care (21% of revenue, product examples: Schwarzkopf, Dial and Syoss) and finally Adhesive Technologies (50% of revenue, product examples: Loctite, Teroson and Technomelt).

Active: Apparently it is more important from how many countries their employees come from than how many countries they themselves are present in. Their employees come from 120 countries world wide... last year the company was present in 75 countries. Take your pick of what you find the most useful information.

P/E: 23.2

IBM report Q1 2016

IBM, Q1, 2016, front page

My American turn around IBM arrived with their first quarter report for 2016. The report was seriously bad and I am pretty sure that the share price dropped significantly but I no longer remember with how much. I was very disappointed with what they showed.

Intel report Q1 2016

Intel, Q1, 2016, front page

The first quarter report from Intel was not that well accepted and the share price dropped on the day of the release. Personally I was pretty neutral to the report and if one had high expectations regarding the report and the future outlook then one did not get too excited about this report because almost every outlook was down compared to their previous forecast for the year.

Analysis of Heidelberg Cement 2016

Heidelberg Cement, a German construction supplier

ISIN DE0008469008 | WKN 846900 

Business: A German manufacturer of building materials. They are the global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities such as ready-mixed concrete, concrete products and concrete elements.

Active: 40 countries and at 2,380 locations. 

P/E: 18.6 

Analysis of Enel 2016

Enel, an Italian energy company

Company: Enel 

ISIN IT0003128367 | WKN 928624 

Business: An Italian energy and gas company. They have hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, geothermal, wind, solar and other renewable power plants. They also have the network not only for electricity but also for gas pipelines in large parts of Italy. 

Active: Present in over 30 countries. Heaviest involvement in Italy and Iberia. 

P/E: 16.7

Analysis of Fresenius 2016

Fresenius, a German health care investment company

Company: Fresenius 

ISIN DE0005785604 | WKN 578560 

Business: A German health care holding and investment company: They own fully or parts of: Fresenius Medical Care (own 31%) that work with dialysis, Fresenius Kabi (own 100%) treatment of chronically ill patients, Fresenius Helios (own 100%) having 111 hospitals and clinics (in Germany mainly) for acute treatment of patients and finally Fresenius Vamed (own 77%) helps with projects and management business of health care facilities.

Active: World wide via their holding companies. FMC in 40 countries, Kabi in around 60 countries, and Vamed over 70 countries.

P/E: 26.3

Enel annual report 2015

Enel, annual, 2015, front page

Nooo! Yet another ball dropper because the annual report from Enel arrived in the end of March. The problem with Enel is that they arrive with the reports from all their daughter companies before they then at some point publish the report for the group. This seems to confuse me each time and is the reason for this ball dropper. Share price has slowly climbed up, also for Enel, since the mad-cow hysteric February drop.