Analysis of Industrivärden 2014

Industrivärden, a Swedish investment company

Company: Industrivärden

ISIN SE0000190126 | WKN 886939      

Business: A Swedish investment company. Their focus is on the Nordic market. They currently have nine bigger holdings: Ericsson, Handelsbanken, ICA Gruppen, Sandvik, SCA, Skanska, SSAB, Volvo and Kone.

Active: In the Nordic countries.

P/E: 5.1

Analysis of PNE WIND 2014

PNE WIND, a German wind power company

Company: PNE WIND


Business: A German wind power company. Their focus lies in the development, realisation, financing and operation of wind farms on land and at sea, at home and abroad. They organize the construction of wind power plants and they also run them on their own to a small extent. Currently they are bringing in capital to be able to start up yield co since investors prefer to buy that.

Active: 14 countries in Europe, South Africa and North America.

P/E: 8.4

Dividend from IBM: September 2014

IBM, an American IT service company

I did not step in as shareholder in IBM that long ago but still I was entitled to receive dividends. IBM like most US companies pay dividends each quarter.

For my 16 lonely IBM shares I received 1.1 USD per share so 17.60 USD in total. The conversion rate was 1.2981 which gave me 13.56 €. From this I paid 15% taxes in a quantity of 2.03 € and I end up with 11.53 € cash on my broker account. Nice!

If you want to know more about IBM then please visit analysis of IBM 2014.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

Analysis of Leoni 2014

Leoni, a German supplier to automotive industry

Company: Leoni

ISIN DE0005408884 | WKN 540888

Business: A Germany based supplier to the automotive industry. It is divided into two large division: Wire & Cable Solutions (develops, produces and assembles wires and strands, optical fibres as well as complete cable systems) and secondly Wiring System (develops and produces cable harnesses as well as complete wiring for the automobile industry).

Active: They are currently active in 33 countries (so +1 since last year) world wide and are pushing expansion in the BRIC countries.

P/E: 14.6

DBAG report Q3 2014

DBAG, Q3, 2014, front page

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG arrived with their third quarter report and it was happy reading. Upon the delivery of the report the market response was non existing and after some news about them maybe giving an extra dividend there was a small jump up. What was then so good in the report?

Analysis of Tesco 2014

Tesco, a British supermarket and retail company

Company: Tesco

ISIN GB0008847096 | WKN 852647   

Business: A British supermarket and retail chain. Their business units are: Tesco UK, Tesco in India, Tesco Malaysia, Homeplus (in Korea), Tesco Lotus (Thailand), Tesco Czech Republic, Tesco Hungary, Tesco Ireland, Tesco Poland, Tesco Slovakia, Tesco Kipa (Turkey), Tesco China, Tesco Bank (simple personal banking products, principally - mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, savings) and finally dunnhumby (a consultancy company working with the analysis of customers). Very frequently the business unit name is also their location and they very frequently own the land and buildings they sit in.

Active: In twelve countries with 6,784 stores. Main focus is UK and Ireland, Eastern Europe and some countries in Asia.

P/E: 19.1 (P/5: 10.5)

Analysis of Picanol 2014

Picanol, a Belgian weaving machine producer & chemical company investor

Company: Picanol Group

ISIN: BE0003807246 | WKN: 546695

Business: A Belgium based company that are developing, producing and selling weaving machines as well as other high-tech industrial products, services and systems. They also hold a 27.52% investment in the chemical company Tessenderlo, which I am almost certain will become a successful investment in the future. They have two divisions: Weaving Machines (production of weaver machines based on air or rapier technology, with the sales comes service, spare parts etc.) and Industries (with Proferro: cast iron for weaving and agricultural machines, PSIControl Mechatronics: develop and manufacture various controllers, and finally Melotte using Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) and Near-to-Net-Shape Manufacturing (NNSM) technologies)

Active: They are active in Europe, India, Asia, US, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia.

P/E: 6.7

Contrarian stock bought September 2014: Commerzbank

Commerzbank, a German bank

In the end it became Commerzbank after that the Russian company that I wanted to buy have increased from 5.8 € to 10.9 € during less than one weeks time. Crazy, but that is life!

So I decided to buy the boring, second biggest, German bank instead that still have not managed to turn the ship around... I bought a total of 85 shares at a price of 12.61 € per share including the trading fees. I currently hold 314 shares in Commerzbank with the average price, including fees, of 13.70 €.

If you want to find out more about Commerzbank then please see analysis of Commerzbank 2014 which is not something nice to look at but at least it shows some promises of being contrarian.

With the next update of the monthly report the new change will be brought in to the Stock Portfolio.