Summary of September 2015

Summary, August, 2015

It feels as if we have had an Indian summer this September. The sun is shining almost every day but at the same time it start to be cold and very soon I need to dig out my gloves and start using them as well as my longjohns.

The studies are progressing and I even think that I have managed to collect some credits due to finishing different parts of the courses. My two group members are good and we manage to get even everything done on time so that definitely helps.

German inside trading: September 2015

Inside trading, September, Germany, 2015

The share price drop have continued for another month. In many countries in Europe the yearly increase that took place during spring have now been wiped out and are even showing a bit of minus. In the US they are down by -10% for the year. The more the share price decreases the more interesting it is to observe what the managers are doing.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: August 2015.

The dealings were:

Dividend from BP: September 2015

BP, a UK oil giant

My only oil company BP paid out the third quarter dividends during September. Since my broker have apparently dropped their brains I have still not received an online notification regarding the conversion rate GBP to € were and neither how much taxes they removed. All I have is the amount of cash on my account. To make things worse i have already complained twice on them and still nothing has happened.

So for my 354 shares in BP I received a total of 23.30 € paid out in cash on my broker account. When my broker get their trousers on I will add the additional information and I will then also add the data to the dividend page that I am linking to below.

To find out more about BP please click on analysis of BP 2015.

To see my total dividend flow then please visit the Stock Dividends page that will soon be updated. 

Stock sold September 2015: MüRe

MüRe, a reinsurance company

I am very unhappy about what I did this evening but my rule was that when Berkshire Hathaway leaves MüRe then I should also leave. Today I received an ad hoc notification that Berkshire are decreasing their quantity of shares. Part of the reason that I decide to leave is because they are sitting on 10% of the shares and heaven knows how many Warren Buffett followers additionally meaning that I have no clue how far the share price might drop. With my small volume... 25 shares... I have the advantage to be able to act quickly so I did. I will directly also state that if the share price drops down to 130 € and below then I will buy back MüRe because I still like it as a piggy-bank with its high dividend payments.

I like MüRe a lot and I have been very happy with this investment. It was even my very first investment back in March 2012 so the holding time is up at 42 months which is too short for my taste but I hope that I will improve on that aspect in the future.

The tolerance in the world

Berlin, buildings

The impatience and the tolerance in the world seems to be getting lower for each passing year. It is hard to say if that is really the case or if it is simply because I am getting older and by each passing year also my time frame seems to change and at least I hope that my patience is growing. There also seem to be situations that I have built up automatic responses to where one could claim that I have zero patience.

Back in the past when I was working in a large company the employees were allowed to smoke at work. Here I do not mean that they had a special ventilated room or so but they were sitting even in their offices smoking. The managers wanted to change this and during this change there were even discussion about completely forbidding smoking on the premises.

Dividend from IBM: August 2015

IBM, an American internet service company

The third dividend payment from IBM dropped in to the account. For my 16 shares I received a total of 20.80 USD which got converted into 18.54 €. On this amount I ended up paying US as well as German taxes in the size of 4.74 € and I ended up with 13.80 € in cash on my broker account.

To know more about IBM please click on analysis of IBM 2015 and to check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

It should also be mentioned that my studies are once again draining me. That I am forced to catch up 2.5 weeks makes my life a bit hard at the moment and hence fewer publications and little to no time to search for interesting companies.

Gerry Weber report Q3 2015

Gerry Weber, Q3, 2015, report, front page

This report from Gerry Weber was not at all well accepted. After dropping the -10% with all the other stocks Gerry Weber dropped around an additional -10% on this one. Was it that bad?

Dividend from TJX: August 2015

TJX, an American off-price fashion chain

My off-price fashion retail chain TJX arrived with the Q2 dividend now in August. I keep forgetting that almost all the American companies pay out dividend every quarter so I it was not in my thoughts that I should start to get any dividends from TJX this year. Since they pay out, for the full year, around 1% the quarter payments are tiny as you will soon see but I do not own TJX due to the earnings. I own them due to the amount of customers running to the store.

For my 32 shares I was paid 6.72 USD which got converted to 5.97 €. From this was taken 1.52 € in taxes and I was left with 4.45 € cash on my broker account.

To find out more about TJX then please visit analysis of TJX but to get a real feeling for it then please just go to one of their stores! But please be careful if you enter without thoughts of buying something because personally I find that very hard and I am a fairly controlled person when it comes to shopping.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.