Tuesday 30 April 2024

Dividends April 2024


Nike paid out 13.71 €, the US taxman took 2.06 € which left me with 11.65 €.

Rio Tinto paid out 772.21 € of which all was received as cash.

Barclays paid out 117.77 € of which all was in cash to my broker account.

HSBC paid out 203.26 € all received as cash.

It should be mentioned that the tax rate in Sweden is 30% on capital gains such as dividends. In every case in the end of the year I declare these dividends and pay a tax up to the 30% in Sweden. So for the US shares I need to pay 15% more and for the UK shares I need to pay the full 30% from what was paid out. So yes, I get it out as cash but with the tax declaration I pay in the money required for my capital gains.

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