Friday 5 April 2013

Dead Battery

DDR, germany, Trabi

Today was one of those few days when I had to go to work by car. I arrived to my car and pushed the door opener on the key and got the reassuring sound of car doors opening up for its master. Sat down, put the key in and turned it around... nothing... it was as dead as a rat on a stick.

It has been a very hard winter in Berlin this year. The last time I used my car was two months ago and the moment before then was then an additional three months ago. So I wasn´t surprised about it but still I had not calculated with that happening when I walked over to the car today.
I managed to stop a very friendly guy in VW with two children in the back and he helped me out to get my car running! Thanks unknown VW owning Berliner!

The reason why I am driving my car so rarely is due to three reasons. One is the financial issue and secondly due to environment and thirdly is due to that I can and I do go by bicycle every day to work in rain, snow or sun. I should actually sell my car and just rent one when I need it. This would be even better for the environment and my private financial situation but I am too much of a coward to do that. Here in Berlin it would have been perfect not to have a car because both drive now (from BMW) as well as car2go (from Daimler) is strongly present in the city. I wonder how the car rental companies will survive in the future and these systems must be perfect for the car companies since they then can... upon a bad sales year... push out cars into their own rental business and use that as a buffer to not be forced to stop production.

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