Friday 30 August 2013

German inside trading: August 2013

Germany, inside trading, August, 2013

I´m not so happy with what I have seen in the inside trading for Deutsche Bank here in August 2013. Several people in the management or leading group have sold off stocks.

The active people have been:

Dr. Christian Klaus Ricken sold - 6,750 shares
Colin Grassie sold - 32,655 shares
Fabrizio Campelli sold - 14,757 shares
Jacques Brand sold - 29,971 shares
Werner Steinmüller sold - 70,000 shares

Total shares sold: 154,133 to a value of around 5.12 million €.

From this I assume that the Deutsche Banks stock will probably continue further down. I will continue to hold my stocks.

The good news for me is that the management/board in both Commerzbank as well as K+S have bought stocks so at least they still believe in their company.

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