Tuesday 3 December 2013

Summary of November 2013

contrarian vs DAX, November, 2013

Once again it is time to take a closer look at what has been going on and especially for me to compare myself with my arch enemy DAX! The month turned out to be pretty ok with no major expenses. With the almost back to normal salary I could transfer 880 € to my stock deposit account and I should be able to make a new investment also this month. I must however admit that I was a little bit surprised that I could not transfer more money and even 880 € was me going a little over the top so I must go easy on the Christmas shopping of which half of it was done in November since I am sending gifts to my brother and his family in Australia (who currently have a tough time and I wish them all the best for the coming months!). So who won this months round? Me or my arch enemy?

If you cannot be bothered to read the rest then I give you very quickly the answer: Dax won!

What is worse is that for each month that passes I start to doubt the contrarian approach I am using more and more. Luckily I watched a video yesterday with Walther Schloss, a very famous investor from the Graham & Doddsville value investing "school", what was so good for me was that he was a value-investor that purely went according to the numbers, he loved to buy companies that were out of favour and were turnarounds and he did not mix in management skills etc. like Warren and Charlie. He then said that sometimes it takes more then five year for those companies to get back into value and may times they drop even further before they turn around. So at least that gave me some hope!

companies, sizes, invested value, november, 2013
The total invested value is now up at 33,386 € and the latest investment in November was that I added to my position in Kernel the Ukrainian agricultural and logistics company. As frequently after I add to a stock it dropped in value with Kernel a big problem is that there is little to no trading taking place which leads to bigger jumps in the share price.

The current value of my total stock portfolio is only 30,617 € which means that I am -2,769 € (-8%) in comparison to what I have invested. Since I transferred some fresh money to the stock deposit I also have 1,012 € in cash or 3% which is fairly low but since I will spend all that on buying a new stock during December I will in the future fluctuate between 0 to max 5% in cash on the deposit. Most likely it will be closer to 0% at all times.

My arch enemy had an excellent month and gained almost 400 points which is the equivalent of almost 4.4% and in total now Dax is up by 35.6% while I am down by -8%.... so as I mentioned directly above I am the big looser.

For the full portfolio report please go here and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go here. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.

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