Wednesday 2 April 2014

Summary of March 2014

Summary, March, 2014, Me vs DAX

I just returned from an extended weekend in Prague and I hope to be able to write a little reflection concerning Prague and the Czech Republic within the next couple of days. Today is however the day to once again look deeper at the situation I am in with my stocks.

The light in the end of the tunnel start to be very bright now and I will be able to start investing again during this month. What helps me are that some dividends start to drop in which makes it easier to accomplish my minimum investment value of around 1,000 € which I find important since it makes sure that my trading fee stays below 1%. I would have loved to be able to push that down to half a %-age point but I am still not able to make those kind of monthly investments.

March, 2014, invested, value, portfolio

During March no additional investments have been made before this summary and therefore the invested portfolio value remains at 35,475 € with exactly the same composition of companies.

march, 2014, value, portfolio, current
The value of the portfolio has increased slightly during March and is now up at 33,872 € which means that I am still down by -4.5% (or -1,602 €) in comparison to what I have invested. The good news is that the month was pretty good and I gained +2.4% compared to February. My unrealised loss is still higher than my monthly net salary.

DAX, versus, Me, who beats who?
DAX has had a great month and the development has been +2.6% which means that now with its 9,603.73 it is in total up +38.5% since the start. Therefore March must be declared as in favour of DAX and the lucky strike that I was on seems to have once again been interrupted but maybe I should not expect too much after pushing more money into a company in the middle of a war conflict.

For the full Stock Portfolio report please go here and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.

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