Monday 1 September 2014

German inside trading: August 2014

Germany, Inside trading, July, 2014

What have "the Germans" been up to? The signals are showing that Germany is slowing down but what does the management think about it? Let us see!

Oh, and if you want to take a closer look at the previous German inside trading: July 2014 then please just click on the link.

The dealings were plenty and they were:

SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner - bought shares
Fuchs Petrolub SE - bought shares, analysis of Fuchs Petrolub.
Leoni AG - bought shares, analysis of Leoni.
Deutsche Steinzeug - bought shares
Schaltbau Holding - bought shares
Progress-Werk Oberkirch - bought shares
RIB Software - bought shares

Fresenius - sold shares, analysis of Fresenius 2014.
Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2014.

IVU Traffic Technologies - bought shares
Teles - bought shares
Deutsche Euroshop - bought shares, analysis of Deutsche Euroshop.
Software - bought shares
Braas Monier - bought shares
Dürr - bought shares, analysis of Dürr.
Pfeiffer Vacuum - bought shares
United Labels - sold shares
SAP AG - bought shares, analysis of SAP 2014.
BayWa - bought shares

Intica Systems - bought shares
Grammer - bought shares, analysis of Grammer.
Adva Optical - bought shares
Adidas - bought shares, analysis of Adidas 2014.
Hypoport AG - sold shares
Münchener Rückversicherung - bought shares, analysis of MüRe 2014.
Nucletron Electronic - bought shares
Bilfinger - bought shares, analysis of Bilfinger.
Deutsche Wohnen - sold shares, analysis of Deutsche Wohnen.
Biotest - bought shares
Allgeier - bought shares
Beiersdorf - bought shares, analysis of Beiersdorf 2014.
König & Bauer - bought shares

Kion Group - sold shares
Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
QSC - bought shares
Heidelberg Cement, bought shares, analysis of Heidelberg Cement 2014.

Advanced Vision Technology - sold shares
Brenntag - bought shares, analysis of Brenntag.
LEG Immobilien - sold shares, analysis of Leg Immobilien.
Osram - bought shares
Lufthansa - bought shares, analysis of Lufthansa 2014.

H&R AG - bought shares
Qiagen - bought shares
Henkel - bought and sold shares, analysis of Henkel 2014.
ProSiebenSat.1 - bought shares, analysis of ProSiebenSat.1.
CEWE Stiftung - bought shares

Softing - received new shares
Intershop Communications - bought shares
Wincor Nixdorf - bought shares, analysis of Wincor Nixdorf.
Ecotel - sold shares
SAF Holland - sold shares
TAG Immobilien - bought shares, analysis of TAG Immobilien.
Metro - bought shares,  analysis of Metro.
Westag & Getalit - bought shares, analysis of Westag & Getalit.

Deutsche Bank sold shares, analysis of DB 2014.
Röhn Klinikum - sold shares

Haikui Seafood - bought shares
Dialog Semiconductor - sold shares
Cancom - bought shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares


Conclusion: It seems as if there is a shopping frenzy on the German inside trading market! High activity with Fuchs and especially from the Fuchs family... Steinzug, Braas Monier and RIB also had high activity. Adidas dropped significantly during August and it seems as if people found it to be too cheap. Nice to see that they keep buying in MüRe! König & Bauer might be an interest turnaround... Advanced Vision was selling a lot! They are selling again in DB which concerns me but it was only one trade... Capital Stage is very frequently buying.


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