Friday 28 November 2014

Ovomaltine crunchy cream: it rings a bell...

Associated British Foods, Ovomaltine

Yesterday I received, due to an advertisement campaign, a 400 g jar of Ovomaltine crunchy cream. Directly when I got the jar I started digging in my brain. Where have I heard this before? Hmmm... it must be a large company... could it be Unilever? I then looked at the jar and it said Wander AG. Hmmm... I have never heard about that before so as soon as I had the chance to access internet (yes, I am actually so retarded that I do not even have internet on my "smartphone") I started digging.

To my great happiness it turns out that Ovomaltine belongs to Associated British Foods! I knew I had seen the brand before but it had just slipped out of my mind where that was.

As soon as I came home I spread it out on a piece of bread and it was fully ok. Similar to Nutella but still different. The normal, well known way, to consume Ovomaltine is as a chocolate drink. I do however see a couple of issues with this new product....

From what I could find the price was around 4€ per 400 g. That is twice the price you pay for a jar of Nutella so they have no chance to compete with the price.

Secondly the design of the jar and looks as if it was made by a five year old. Yes, I know Ovomaltine is an old brand but if you want to arrive with a new product, and new way of using the product then maybe it will be better to make a new design and it could be that one should even use a new brand name for the product.

Since they can not beat price against Nutella they should have gone after health or other aspects such as Bio or Energy or something due to the malt extract that they use as the base of the product.

As a good shareholder one should however always try to consume products made by the companies that you own. For this reason I will enjoy my jar of Ovomaltine crunchy spread and if I see it in the store at a discounted price then I will try to buy one.

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Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

I must admit that the more I eat from it the more hooked I get! This means that I am getting more and more into the state that I will not even care if the jar is on discount or not and still I would buy it. I hope more people will act like me.