Tuesday 3 November 2015

Summary of October 2015

Summary, October, 2015

To be able to make the bicycle ride to work I now have to wear a hat, gloves and Long Johns. It starts to get very cold and due to the one hour time change it is now also very dark in the evenings when I leave work and generally one feels more tired.

I have now finished all the assignments and exams for this block of studies in Business Administration and today the new thing already started. The teacher was not very energetic is probably one of the kinder words to use but on the other hand one will not interact too much with her if I understood things correctly.

It has been decided that the entire family will go skiing between Xmas and the New Year's Eve and there were some discussions whether to buy or rent equipment. Back in the past we used to go skiing once per year and today I think only one of my siblings try to keep that up but are not doing a good job at the moment based on small children etc. I am however sure that he will start going each year very soon again.

So... the one that actually have been skiing a little found it better to rent than to buy ski. The argument is that one get absolutely top equipment when renting and to buy things will cost so much more that it makes little sense to do so. I can agree with this... but... I am also not a super duper skier and I know that I will not feel the difference between ski #1 costing 650 € or #2 that cost 250 €.

My decision in the end was that if I will be able to buy things 2nd hand cheaper than what it will cost to rent the stuff for one week than I will buy it. It seemed to be more than feasible and now I am the happy owner of a pair of carving and a pair of ski boots for a total cost of 58 €. To rent would have costed me around 85 €. The only problem remaining is how to fit the stuff into my little car but I managed to move my entire apartment with it so this should not become a biggie.

Still no news on the job front and I will keep up my schedule of spending one day per week looking for and applying for new jobs.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of September 2015 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Portfolio size, October, 2015

After the big dip down in current value last month due to sales of shares and larger drops in share prices things are looking slightly better again and the total invested amount is now: 71,889 € including the realised loss of -3,757 €. My realised loss have improved due to complete sales of MüRe as well as partial sale of Kernel. Several investments were made. Often it was to increase positions in already owned companies but I also stepped into Deere and Fast Retailing as new investments for the month.

Current, Investments, October, 2015

The value of the stock portfolio is up at 70,709 € and there is now very little cash (around 2k) on the broker account that I can put to work. I now have a unrealised loss of: -1,180 € which I hope to will become an unrealised profit very soon again.

Me, DAX, October, 2015

DAX, went up like a rocket and is now up at 10,951 points which means and astonishing +14.6% which is the best month ever since I started to take note of DAX back in February 2012. I had no chance against DAX this month since my portfolio only increased by 8.2% which by placing it into some kind of reality check would be an excellent development for a year and to have it during a month is insane! Still the rocket DAX beat me by far!

Conclusion: DAX rocked and I tried to tag along a little.... but still I was left behind in the dust. I have strengthened many of my holdings and I hope to have my own little rockets appearing soon... especially the banks and utility would be great to see take off now. What is going on with K+S is simply silly at the moment.

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