Tuesday 5 January 2016

Summary of December 2015

Summary, December, 2015

Life is running away. Christmas is already gone (I was Jultomten!), New Years Eve is also gone and as always no fireworks were bought since I consider that to be very similar to burning money. The one week skiing that I bought the snow chains, ski and ski boots for are also gone. Left is however five days of additional vacation and those I will enjoy as much as I can.

During the vacation I started to bring up the topic of investing for my brothers oldest child. He is eight years old but not yet ready so I guess I will have to wait. I told him that one that I will teach him about investing. He was not too excited about it when I said it. Happily he got a long life ahead of him and we are investing for him until his investing interest has awoken.

It was great to meet up with both of my brothers again and their families. Their five children are interestingly different even though 50% comes from the same tree so to say.

Oh, my ski and ski boots were fully ok for the price that I paid. I took my brothers old helmet... it must be at least 25 years old and I looked like a dork in it but if a product does what it should (in this case to protect my head) and I get it for free then more likely than not I will go for that. I do not care if I look like a complete idiot. It is a helmet for crying out loud. You can think that you look cool in the latest model but you really do not. I am just glad that you are also clever enough to decide to wear a helmet.

My major Christmas gift for my wife unfortunately did not work out. We were supposed to go for a two hour dog sleigh tour but there was not enough natural snow for that to take place so I have to owe her that one until a new opportunity appears. Very sad. One was even aloud to drive the sleigh on this location which would have been a lot of fun.

For my studies we managed to hand in the final work on time so now it is a waiting game to see what will happen. I will keep my fingers crossed. Due to that I messed up the application big time I will not be studying any new courses during the next semester. I will need the time to focus on finding a new job.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of November 2015 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested, versus, Current, Value, December, 2015

The total invested portfolio is now up at: 74,891 € including the realised loss of 3,575 €. Last month I ended up making two investments and both were into companies I already owned namely DB and Coba so there were nothing interestingly new to report of. As can be seen in the graph above there is a significant dip down which this time came from a significant drop of share price and not from sale of shares as it was the previous time.

Current, investment, 2015

It is sad to see that even though more money was pushed into both DB and Coba their current investment value still dropped down compared to last month. the value of the stock portfolio is now up at: 68,272 € and I have 2.8k € in cash to buy something for in the coming month. Due to the drop I now have a -6,616 € unrealised loss.

Me, versus, DAX, December, 2015

DAX has now dropped down to 10,282 points which means that it made a massive drop of -8.7% compared to last month. It should have been a good moment for me to actually beat DAX but hence I did not... My own portfolio was down by -9.7% and I got beaten by DAX.

Conclusion: It has been a fascinating share price drop during December 2015 and especially during the fist day of 2016... I always include the first trading day of the next month before I make my monthly summary which had a very large impact this time. My beaten down stocks got beaten down even further as they seem to always be when things goes bad.

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