Sunday, October 9, 2016

Summary of September 2016

Summary, September, 2016

Two steps forward one step back. One of my employees is mentally not very well. Part of the reason for why this employee is doing such a good job is probably due to this reason which makes it into a fine line for me to walk on. It causes a lot of headaches because in the end I am not a babysitter and employees must sometimes be expected to pull themselves together and to separate private life from work.

A guy sitting in the same position as me have started to look over everything that I and my team is doing and try to nail us whenever possible. It makes me tired to continuously defend off this kind of stupidity and I find it amazing that people even devote time on such destructive matters. I had to take a fight with him last week to start to sort him out slightly because several in my team are scared of him. *sigh*

I am once again interested in selling my Adidas shares. I find them far too expensive and once again the GBP is very low. I might end up sucking on the thumb once again on this one.

My new studies have started and I have already finished one exam. I have around 1.5 more chapters to read and then I am ready to make all the final assignments for that study. The speed of it is dreadful which makes me forget that I even have it running in the background.

I have neither added more money nor have I managed to buy something on my Stock ISA account. I plan to bring in a bit of money to it this month also but the big must is really to start buying some shares but I never seem to have the time to look into it these days.

The immigration situation of Brexit is getting more serious. Do I want to buy a house and remain in a country that does not want to have me? Sure my company would sort it all out and with ease due to my education and position but do I want to stay? Buying a house has gone from "let us do it next year!" to "hmmm... let us keep saving for it but the reason to buy is decreasing for each month so we hold on that one".

For the previous summary please visit Summary of August 2016 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested, Value, September, 2016

The total invested value is now up at: 85,766 € including a realised loss of -3,757 €. I made no new investments during the month but I did receive Uniper from E.On.

Current, investments, September, 2016

The value of the portfolio is today: 78,813 € and I now have around 546 € in cash on the account. The combined unrealised and realised loss is now at: -6,953 € (-8%) which is bad.

Me vs DAX, September, 2016

DAX dropped down during September and it is now down at 10,491 points which means -1.8% which makes me beat it because I ended up with ONLY -1.6%.

Conclusion: Even though my banks have once again managed to take it down to the lowest of the lowest of the third lowest level that I did not even know existed I have had some other shares to counter that such as Adidas that is very strong at the moment. Last time I spoke not so highly of Cameron and this time I will add in Theresa May for pushing what 37.3% of the population asked her to do. She does it by the book as if it was an assignment given by the teacher in third grade with a task that could be easily made. Sometimes in life one must take a step back and admire stupidity. This is one of those moments.

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