Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dividend from ABF and Enel: January 2017

For my 177 shares in ABF I received 53.43 € in dividend that was directly added to my broker account as cash.

To find out more about ABF then please visit analysis of ABF 2015.

For my 450 shares in Enel I received 40.50 € in dividend and from that was taken 10.53 € as taxes to support the Italian government. The remaining 29.97 € was paid out as cash to my broker account. I could be that Enel have started to pay out dividends twice per year because they usually pay out only once during summer.

To find out more about Enel please click on analysis of Enel 2016.

To see my total dividend flow then please visit the Stock Dividends page that has now been updated. 

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