Friday 26 May 2017

Enel annual report 2016

Front page of the annual 2016 report from Enel

For the report in full please click here and for the previous summary then visit Enel annual report 2016 and to get a better feeling for Enel then please take a look at analysis of Enel 2016.

In the financial statement below you can see that Enel is doing very well! Yes, their revenue did decrease slightly to 70 billion € but due to cost control they managed to get a decent earning out of 2.6 billion euro! The European energy market is very well connected. How can a company in Italy make significant profits while a German company makes significant losses? I would blame it all on the incompetent CEO. 

Financial statement of Enel 2016

Conclusion: Enel is doing an excellent job and each year they seem to increase their profits. I am very pleased with this investment and the only thing that saddens me is that I made such a small investment in Enel from the beginning.

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