Thursday, June 8, 2017

Uniper annual report 2016

Front page of Uniper 2016 annual report

To read the report in full then please go here. The only previous report to look back at would be the summary of Q2 2016 and I have still not managed to make an analysis of the company.

From the financial statement below we can see that Uniper is not having a good time. The revenue dropped by almost -30% going from 92 bn € to 68 bn € and the earnings, well earnings is the wrong word, or I mean the losses have remained well over -3 billion € for this year as well as the previous. Any lights in the end of that tunnel? The share price keeps going up so the investors must tend to think so.

Financial statement Uniper 2016

Conclusion: Uniper is having a hard time and they will really need increased energy prices to improve their situation. I received shares in this company as a gift and I will keep my gift for now so I will remain as a shareholder in Uniper.

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