Sunday 3 September 2017

Summary of August 2017

Summary of August 2017

After two tough months of not being able to save anything we are now back on track again and the value on the bank account keep rising. I am still reluctant to buy stocks even though this latest drop is an excellent moment to push in more money. Part of it is because I want to buy H&M shares but I am unable to do so here in the UK. I could buy it in Germany, because there you can practically buy anything, but I know that I need the money new emissions of shares that I want to get hold of and due to the poor value of the GBP I additionally do not want to transfer money to my German broker account at this moment.

I therefore feel a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place and I should ideally buy UK shares at this moment in time. Let us see... BP is again down so it is not a bad moment to buy more of BP but I have to think about how invested I want to be in oil companies going forward. Right now I have around 9k € in oil related companies and that is already quite a lot of money.

To own British and American stocks have not been good during the month of August. Both the pound and the dollar is dropping heavily which has added on top of the already insecure situation due to North Korea / Trump and Brexit.

Companies will however continue to make profits which means that these are always good moments to buy shares. So go out and buy!

For the previous summary please visit Summary of July 2017 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested versus Current August 2017

The total invested value is now up at: 89,217 € including a realised loss of -551 €.

Current investment August 2017

The value of the portfolio is today: 96,084 € and spread out I now have around 7,500 € in cash on the different accounts. The combined gain is now at: 6,869 € (8%) which is not as good as one would have liked.

Me versus DAX August 2017

DAX have ended up having a good run and is now up at 12,143 points which means an decrease of -0.3% which should be compared to my own stock portfolio that decreased with -1.7%.

Conclusion: DAX did well due to many reasons in August. The only big crash that I am hoping will happen is MüRe due to the damages in the USA. I am surprised that they have not yet published any statement concerning it but I guess that is because they still do not know how much it will knock them back.

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