Monday 16 October 2017

Stocks bought October 2017: ETF Portugal

Logo of Commerzbank 2017

It is now half a year since I last decided to make an investment. I was very close to claiming "it is now half a year since I was able to make an investment" but that statement would not have been true. I have continuously had money on the broker account and I have simply not had the time to look properly as well as finding something of interest to push that money into.

Now it was however high time to add more parts to an investment that I have had since March 2016 that I doubled in February 2017 and now it was time to, almost, double it again.

I therefore bought 640 parts in ETF Portugal at a total cost of 4034.38 € (including fees). I now own a total of 1,380 parts to a total investment value of 8,086 €.

I guess the only thing left to say is 1. Go Portugal! and 2. I should probably make a trip to Portugal to see if statistics and company performance correlate with how the Portuguese people are living today.

To find out more about ETF Portugal then please click here. 

Any changes will be brought into the stock portfolio upon the next update in the very end of the month.

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