Friday 11 May 2018

Summary of April 2018

Summary of April 2018

April was very interesting. It started off pretty bad but lately things have just gone a like a rocket on the stock market. The German banks keep pulling down my stock portfolio as they have done since 2012. It has been said many times and I can only agree... never underestimate the time it takes for a turn-around to actually turn around.

My work is going very well. I am and have been for some time overloaded so I have decided to take a week in my summerhouse to clear my mind and to be able to focus on finding a new job. At the moment I, just to stay afloat, I have not had the time to search and apply for new jobs as well as I would have liked to.

Both my cars are now giving me plenty of sorrow. I went to the garage to pick it up hopefully fixed and with an MOT finished only to realise that they had forgotten to make the MOT. I took it anyway but after driving 50 meters I had to bring it back due to the breaks being completely messed up... sigh... The other car, my Renault, have recently started to just shut down the engine at stop lights etc. and once that happens then I am almost unable to get it started again. Last night it did not start and I had to call AA that arrived after 3 hours of waiting only to say that they could not fix it for me. Grrr... Only once have a proper AA repair mechanic arrived to help me out and it was excellent service every other time it has been "outsourced" to a company that clearly are not as competent. I therefore do not hold AA in high regards here in the UK.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of February 2018 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested vs Current April 2018

The total invested value is now up at: 114,776 €. During the month of April I picked up some more of ETF Russia simply because the Russian economy is so dependent on it and the price for oil keeps going up.

Current investments April 2018

The value of the portfolio is today: 124,094 € and spread out I now have around 4,025 € in cash on the different accounts. I have a realised gain of 2,857 € and the unrealised gain is now at: 9,319 € (8%) which is not good at all but the saga continues.

DAX increased a lot during April and is now up at 12,820 point which means it increased by 6.8% while my own portfolio only increased by 5.7% in the same period.

Conclusion: DAX did better once again. The German banks keep dragging me down and on top of that my massive investment in ETF Portugal is not moving as I would have liked. I need to make a new investment in the coming two weeks but I still do not know what to buy.

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