Monday 13 April 2020

My current holdings in March 2020

My current holding in March 2020

As can be seen there has been several changes. All the holdings that I held in my UK stock account were sold off which were several ETFs, some BP (in DE+UK account), some BASF (in DE+UK account) and ABF. Please go to Stock Portfolio to see my previous holdings.

I have also since things were finalised bought ETF Germany (DAX, fee of 0.09%), I've bought Ratos a Swedish investment company, I've increased my BASF holding again and I've added in a mixed ETF that is built up of 50% US stocks in USD, 30% EU stocks in EUR and 20% UK stocks in GBP with monthly payments that are locked and provides tax benefits.

One of my investment rules found in Rules for Investing & Divesting was that if I had not beaten DAX after 5 years then 50% of my holdings would be in ETFs. 50% of my holdings are in ETFs and if I have not done better by 2022 then 75% of my holdings must be in ETFs.

Based on the overshooting earnings from my salary half goes into the mixed ETFs and the other half will be invested by me on the market. For quite some time I was pushing in much more into the mixed ETFs but I've come to realise that I need to have some more cash available that are not locked down so from now on it will be 50:50. I am currently in the very fortunate situation of being able to save around 4k GBP per month and I should really buy my own apartment but in the current environment this is not so easy.

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