Sunday 1 May 2022

Stocks bought/sold during March/April 2022


Due to the that Shell was even considering to buy oil from Russia during the ongoing war in Ukraine I decided to directly sell them off. I will also admit that I reacted in haste but when it comes to, to me, morally wrong things then I prefer to push the sell button too early than too late. I therefore sold my 270 shares in shell for a total value of 6,210.41€. During the 16 months holding period I have received dividends in the size of 274.40€ on the investment of 3,039.41€ meaning I had a profit of 113%.

I bought an additional 190 parts in ETF EU for 6,250.72€ which is now up at a total 355 parts with 12,301€ invested.

Due to that my stock ISA had been filled I've been holding on to a larger quantity of cash that I could now in the start of the UK tax year push into the Stock ISA for this money I therefore bought:

400 more shares in EasyJet for a total cost of 2,799.39€.

25 more shares in Yum for a total of 2,876.17€.

30 shares in Netflix for a total cost of 6,131.44€

65 shares in Restaurant Brands International for a total of 3,640.19€.

All this will be updated in the new summary that is coming shortly.

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