Sunday 6 November 2022

Stocks bought October 2022


Since I cannot make any further investments into my UK stock ISA, I decided to push some money over to my German broker account to buy a bit on the dip that had occured.

I therefore bought an additional 175 shares in Rio Tinto for a total cost of 9,954 € and this now gives me total of 325 shares at a cost of 19,544 € or 60.14 € per share. The reason being that most metals are being traded in dollars and they pay a hefty dividend of 11%. Rio Tinto is however traded on the London Exchange in £ which similar to the € have devalued compared to the $.

I also decided to push some more money into ETFs and I therefore bought 40 shares in a ETF EU 600 at a total cost of 6,811 €. Once again I preferred to buy in £ or € to avoid the strong $.

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