Saturday 1 April 2023

Dividends in March 2023


All the oil companies have made massive profits lately. From this BP decided to pay out 50.31 € which I directly received as cash on my broker account.

IBM paid out 38.77 €, from this the taxman took 5.82 €, leaving me with 32.95 € as cash on my broker account.

DBAG paid out a very small dividend this year in the size of 124 €, the German tax man took 32.70 € which left me with 91.30 € in cash.

The US retail chain TJX paid out 17.68 € and from this 2.65 € was taken in taxes leaving me with 15.03 € in cash.

Intel, whose share price have tanked in the last couple of months paid out 119.59 €, and 6.89 € went to the taxman, leaving me with 112.70 € in cash. It looks strange, I know, I don't see the taxes removed in my UK broker account and I currently own intel shares on both my UK and German account.

And finally my ETF EU held in the UK paid out a dividend of 78.39 € that I get straight out as cash.

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