Tuesday 14 May 2013

Commerzbanks board of thieves

Commerzbank, logo, a German bank

So the second step has now appeared in the news which means that after this reverse stock split they now are able to increase the amount of stocks again. The expected value was thought to be 7 euro per stock but now the board of thieves went out with the news of 4.5 euro per share or better put for 21 old shares one can buy 20 shares at a price of 4.5. This means that the stock price should decrease to around 7.4 euro based on the stock price today... It is truly an outrage because with this 1:1 split which we more or less are talking about with a discounted price of 4.5 € there is no chance NOT to join. A board of thieves that wants to push out the German government so that they can pay themselves bonuses that is what it is all about. Shame on them and shame on me for allowing myself to end up in this trap.

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