Thursday 2 May 2013

Summary April 2013

Summary, April, 2013, Me vs DAX

Another bad month and the gap is getting wider and wider between me and the DAX index. It makes me slightly concerned because for instance Peter Lynch kept saying that when the stock market dropped by 10% then he also dropped by 10% and when it dropped by 20% then he dropped by 20%. I would very much have liked to be in that situation today however I just do not have the quantity of stocks that he kept in his fond and should therefore also fluctuate much more from index both up and down. Currently mainly down. ;)

In my total stock portfolio I now have, after the Intel investment, invested 26610 € which has a value today of 23231 €. This means a significant value decrease of almost 13%. If we compare to DAX it has during this same period gone from 6933 points to 7962 points which means increase of almost 15%.

The page with my stock portfolio has now been updated with more details presented.

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