Tuesday 11 February 2014

Contrarian stocks of interest February 2014

contrarian, stocks, February, 2014

I once again decided to make an update of the contrarian stocks of interest list which can be found here. We have plenty of additions to the list and those are:

Accell Group
Picanol Group

There were also some companies that were kicked out and I think that I will push that border lower and lower as the list is growing. So the border is now at 100% which is still too high since that means there is no space for further improvement according to my assumptions unless the company really push up their earnings or the share price drops like a stone. And here are the companies that were kicked out from the list:

Stock of Interest, Kicked out, February, 2014

Besides from the kicked out companies and the newly added ones there were no huge dramatic changes. The new values were also added for BP as well as DBAG since they were freshly analysed with the figures from 2013.

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