Saturday 1 February 2014

German inside trading: January 2014

Inside trading, Germany, January, 2014

Once again it is time to show the graphically ugly Inside Trading image that I constructed in excel during a five minute intensively focused session. So once again we will take a look at what they key figures have been up to here in Germany. Did they sell shares buy shares or as I see... have they done both?

Dealing during January:

Manz - sold shares
Capital Stage - bought shares
Pironet NDH - sold shares
Hamborner REIT - sold shares
3W Power S.A. - bought shares
TUI - sold shares, analysed here.
Continental - sold shares, analysed here.
Demire - bought shares
Senator - sold shares
Elringklinger - sold shares, analysed here.
Medisana - bought shares
SHW - sold shares
R. Stahl - sold shares
Orco Germany - sold shares
Borussia Dortmund - sold shares
Delticom - bought shares
Bayer - sold shares, analysed here.
H&R AG - bought shares
Einhell - bought shares
SolarWorld - sold shares
Paion AG - bought shares
KWS Saat - bought shares
Init innovation in traffic systems - sold shares
aap Implantate - bought shares
Haikui Seafood - bought shares
Metro - bought shares, analysed here.
C.A.T. Oil Ag - sold shares
ProSiebenSat.1 - sold shares, analysed here.
Technotrans - bought shares
Vita34 - sold shares
Celesio - sold shares, analysed here.
Balda - sold shares
Tintbright - bought shares
CTS Eventim - sold shares
RWE - bought shares, analysed here.
Transtec - sold shares

Conclusion: From what I could observe then there was plenty of activities with Capital Stage, TUI, SolarWorld as well as with R. Stahl. We could also see intensified activities with KWS Saat and Init innovation. Especially SolarWorld was being sold off this month and in the last four months three of them Solarworld stocks have been dumped to the market by insiders.

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