Friday 31 January 2014

All the companies on MDax

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Here comes the entire list of the companies traded on MDax, the link to my contrarian analysis of them as well as the P/E at they had at the moment of my analysis.

This means that I am now more free to find interesting companies again so for that reason I am pretty happy but on the other hand it will take more time to find companies to analyse so we will see how frequent my publications will be. I hope to be able to keep up and make one publication per day.

The full list of the companies on MDax and their P/E:


AURUBIS - P/E 5.88



Brenntag AG - P/E 19.40

CELESIO - P/E  -25.4

DMG Mori Seiki - P/E 18.49

DT. EUROSHOP - P/E 14.58

DT. WOHNEN - P/E 16.55

DÜRR - P/E 10.55

EADS - P/E 35.14


Evonik Industries AG - P/E 11.72

FIELMANN - P/E 27.86

FRAPORT - P/E 21.03

FUCHS PETRO. - P/E 23.73

GAGFAH - P/E 43.74

GEA GROUP - P/E 20.04



HANNO. RÜCK - P/E 8.33

HOCHTIEF - P/E 29.10

Hugo Boss AG - P/E 22.38

KABEL DT. - P/E 34.57


KRONES - P/E 28.81

KUKA - P/E 20.46

LEG Immobilien AG - P/E 23.00

LEONI - P/E 7.57

MAN - P/E 73.79

METRO - P/E 15.85

MTU AERO - P/E 21.20

Norma Group SE - P/E 20.47

OSRAM Licht AG - P/E -11.19

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG - P/E 26.63

RATIONAL - P/E 29.49



RTL Group - P/E 25.25


SGL Carbon - P/E 297.69

SKY - P/E -33.07

STADA - P/E 26.64


SYMRISE - P/E 25.55


Talanx AG - P/E 10.03

TUI - P/E -211.43

WACKER CHEM. - P/E 38.64

WINCOR NIXD. - P/E 19.51

Conclusion: When we look at this long list of companies we see that a fair number of them have high P/Es. Very few are crazy high P/Es but many are high. If we exclude all the companies with negative earnings (Celesio, Kloeckner, Osram, Salzgitter, SKY and TUI) as well as SGL Carbon with their high P/E then we end up with an average P/E of the MDax companies of 22.10. This I find high and they better start pushing up their earnings and soon!


Kenny said...

Jag skippar svenska den här gången ;-)

I think you should create a spreadsheet on Google where you can have automatically updated stock prices. Just put the earnings in one column, the automatically updated prices in another and the P/E ratio in a third and then you can follow when the valuations change over time.

For example I use this list to follow interesting stocks:

Example how to get the stock price in a Googled Docs spreadsheet for Deutsche Bank:

Instead of creating lists like this post you can just link to the spreadsheet which can be made read-only.

I am looking forward to see the list of all the german stocks ;-)

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Great Kenny! Then I can avoid my poor translations! Thanks!

I was seriously thinking about it when I read all the discussions on the Swedish financial blogs for how to use the Google docs etc. I then especially wanted (or better put was more seriously thinking about) to implement it for the Stocks of Interest list that I have.

In the end I decided against it because my fear was that it then becomes more similar to day trading with an update every 15 minutes. I will then also take a look at it and I fear that I will then also be influences with what I see. If I get influenced then there is a chance that I buy or sell shares.

For the same reason I want to stick with updating the contrarian analysis of companies based on requests on a year to year basis and the Stock of Interest list will simply be updated around every quarter or so.

So it is an excellent possibility that Google has provided us with but I want to remove some noise from my investment decisions and the less I look at the current share price the better the noise reduction is for me.

Thanks for your advice and maybe one day in the future also I will start to use it but currently I will hold my position, be boring and contrarian! ;)

Kenny said...

OK :-)

However, you don't need to check the stock prices each and every day. You could take a look just monthly or quarterly.

If the stock market crashes, you could use the list to find the cheaest stock for the moment.

It only one stock crashes due to some temporary problems in the company, you have the chanse to find it out in time.

I used to have a really large list of companies, probably larger than your list, but I had no chance to follow the prices so the large list became useless to me. Now I use a shorter list with automatically updated prices and it works out fine for me even though I thought I'm also a bit boring and contrarian ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I suggest that you either analys well known stocks with pe less than 15 or analys stocks that some famous investor, according to trade reports, are buying. Look forward to read your further analysis. Good luck

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi there,

yes, i will focus more on real contrarian stocks in the future just like you suggest with low p/e, p/b etc. Since i am not German but living in Germany i wanted to learn and build up a data base of the large- and mid-cap companies in Germany. Now that is finally finished and i hope to find many exciting companies!