Thursday 9 January 2014

Dividend from BP: December 2013

A UK oil and energy company

As the pleasant and nice shareholder that I am I once again received dividends from BP. This time I received 24.24 € for my 350 shares (taxes 6.39 €) and unfortunately I made the mistake of deciding to take it as stocks this time. The reason for why this was a mistake was due to that my stock broker had a nice provision fee of 19.9 € for that transfer so I ended up paying a lot of money for four lousy extra shares so that will never be done again. If I would have bought my four shares as a normal trade I would only have paid a fee of 7.9 € up to 3,000 € trades so go figure how out of proportion it is for me to pay 19.9 € in provision.

So... I now have 354 shares of BP and the invested price jumped up significantly.

The Stock Dividends page has now been updated.

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