Tuesday 7 January 2014

in bed with the flu

gone, flu

Currently I am not in as good form as I would have liked to be and are squeezing the bedlinens for comfort while wishing that my flu will go away. I am glad that I did manage to keep up the posting of articles over the holidays and pretty soon also MDax will be done which means that more interesting companies can be found and analysed.

I got a highly disturbing phone call from my business partner which means I will have to add more money to my company. The bad news for me is that the only way to do that is by selling shares which I really hate to do. So the question becomes.... Which shares to sell? Sell the weeds and realise the loss? Sell the flowers and realise the profit? Sell things in the middle were nothing much has happened?

I will shortly be back on my feet again and then the articles will keep coming.

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