Sunday 7 February 2016

Should it stay or should it go?

Staying or Going?

This is an attempt of a survey to find out what you guys thoughts are concerning my current holdings. I start to have many of them and I have on numerous occasions already realised that I am not able to follow them all as well as I would have liked. By this I mean that I would love if all the companies would only arrive with annual reports for me to read and not a report each quarter but now that they do arrive with them then I should also read them. Sometimes months can pass before I realise that one of my companies arrived with a new quarter report. Good, bad? I cannot tell but I do not like that I am obviously not able to keep track of them all.

So the four questions are:
  • Which three companies in my stock portfolio should I increase my holdings in?
  • Which three companies should be kicked out from my stock portfolio?
  • One company that should enter my stock portfolio?
  • Why? and that goes for all the three above questions
I will not make a promise and say that I will run out and sell the companies, increase or add a new holding but I can promise you that I will keep it in mind for the future. Oh, and for February I have already decided what to buy so it will not influence the very near term decisions.

Hmmm... first I was thinking that I should start and give my own thoughts to it but that would be bad and could give an influence so I just leave it as it is.

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