Saturday 18 June 2016

No internet say what?


I wrote this text while I was still in Germany the reason being that I will of course not have any internet in the beginning of my stay in the UK. If everything goes well and according to plan then I will get internet on the 22nd of June but until then I will be living my life in internet-shadow.

It is interesting to observe just how handicapped one feels without internet. Or better put... already now I am dreading that the period of no internet will come and I have worked hard evenings and nights to try to prepare myself for not having internet by storing a lot of car advertisements and the phone numbers and addresses to those car dealers so that we will still be able to look at cars etc.

When one thinks about it then I find it pathetic. I lived so many years without internet and things worked out just fine. So I need to re-calibrate my mind.

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