Saturday, July 9, 2016

Alive and kicking!

an open fire

After a, for me, long period of silence I am now briefly back! As expected there are plenty of things that I need to learn and figure out with my new job. My brain is working at full capacity in the background which means that I am not able to sleep well during the nights. It will change as soon as my brain has figured out all the parameters and I hope that will be soon.

My new team members are all of them very nice and it will be an interesting future challenge to make sure, as well as to see what I can grow them into. I have already received more people underneath me than what I had anticipated which is good.

In the company there are many people that seems to have a bit of a difficulty of what to think of me. The other people having a similar position to mine are between 55 to 63 years old and with my less than 40 years that seems to make a lot of people a bit edgy and my feeling is that they fear me simply because they can not figure me out.

All of this will hopefully settle down over time and if not then I will go after that extra piece of cake that this is giving me.

Previously when I ran my own company then I could not get fired. Now I am in the direct line of fire and if anything goes wrong then I will also directly be fired. Exciting!

Already in this first week I have ended up explaining how the technology works for people that have worked there for years. With a little bit of interest and quick understanding one can directly jump ahead of all those that simply do not care neither what they themselves nor what the company is doing.

I have still not set up a stock account here in the UK but it is my intention to get that all sorted out during next week.

Concerning BREXIT there is not that much to say. Personally I do not care very much about it since there are still years to go before things would even start to happen... if ever... In that case I am also 100% certain that my current company would move a large part of their operations to an EU country which will lead to new opportunities especially for someone that have no obligations and ties to the UK.

I will try to push out a couple of articles in the next days. I bought a new stock after the referendum (as always a bit too early) and I am pretty sure I have received some dividends also.

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