Friday 15 July 2016

Dividend from ABF: July 2016

ABF, logo

It was time for the tiny bi-annual dividend payment from ABF. Their expansion plans with Primark is progressing quickly and they are rolling out more stores both in Europe as well as in the US.

For my 100 shares I this time received 10.30 GBP that go converted into 12.27 €. From this was taken 3.23 € in taxes and I received 9.04 € as cash on my broker account.

Now that I am in the land of ABF I get a better feeling for their products and I see them everywhere. Yesterday I walked into a Primark here and the store was completely loaded with customers. During the week the store looks more like an H&M in terms of visitors which was not at all the case in Germany.

To find out more about ABF please visit analysis of ABF 2015 and the Stock Dividends page has now been updated if you want to follow my dividend progress.


valuetradeblog said...


thank you for sharing! Wünsche viel Erfolg und Glück in GB!

What catched my ey in their AR:

Adjusted profit before tax**

*Before amortisation of non-operating
intangibles, profits less losses on disposal
of non-current assets, profits less losses
on sale and closure of businesses
and exceptional items

Aren't they adjusting for gains (which makes "adjusted profits" look better) or are they just planing to make losses?

Anonymous said...


I do not know. These days... Each time I read adjusted i ignore it until I receive figures that hopefully are not adjusted but real.

On a secondary note... I am now working in a UK company that are traded on the London stock exchange since a couple of years. Last month, just before I arrived, they started working with budgets and attempting to work with book keeping codes...

The budget I received is so full of errors that I do not even know where to start and what to do to correct what has been done... CAPEX that should be written off over five years are directly written off etc... I have much to do on so many levels in this company.

Fredrik von Oberhausen