Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stock bought June 2016: Commerzbank

Coba, logo

I simply are not able to walk away from the German banks. This time I decided to push in some more money into Coba. Historically the decision is correct and I decide to look at history on this one.

I bought 200 more shares for a total value of 1,288.10 € including the fees. As always I was a bit early. I once again pushed down the price per share that I have paid in Coba and I am now down at 10.61 € per share and the total cost is up at 7,650 €.

The value today is around half of what I have invested which is annoying and the future performance needed from Coba to cover for all these poor years will be tough to reach and the likelihood that it will not increases for each passing year. That is reality and the flowers that should be sniffed.

To find out more regarding Coba please visit analysis of Coba 2016.

With the next update of the monthly report the new change will be brought in to the Stock Portfolio.

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