Monday, August 1, 2016

Latest developments

sunny days

I hope that all of you are doing well and that you managed to profit from the stock market crash that came with Brexit.

I have still not noticed a change here in the UK but there are reports concerning a more unfriendly environment towards foreigners. It is interesting times that we are living in right now.

This first month at work I have focused on the organisation and the people. I have already made most of the changes for the people and their rolls but I will start to roll out the administrative changes today. I hope it will be ok for them and that I will manage to motivate them to keep pushing forward.

The second month I will spend on learning the technical part as well as the commercial and business models part for product sales. The technical part is not rocket science but I need to push myself especially in one field that I know very little about so that I can answer any question appearing in the future and I must become the person to go to for all those technical matters.

When it comes to buying stocks I am still not really into the game. I will however try in the coming week to get a stock ISA up and running so that I can start to make 1,000 GBP investments each month.

I have the possibility, each month, to push in extra money for my retirement and if I pay in a minimum amount then my company will pay 2% of my salary. I have decided to push in 10% of my salary there so each month I have a retirement fund being built up based on 12% of my salary. I push that into a Global fund 50%, European fund 30% and UK fund 20%. I will over time change the UK fund down to either 10% or maybe even zero and that will then go into the European fund instead. This is tax free and it will lead to me being able to get money back when I make the tax declaration.

This extra retirement money that I push in I will not consider as being part of my contrarian adventure and I will therefore not keep track of it here.

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