Wednesday 3 August 2016

Stock bought July 2016: Company A

Company A was bought

I am sorry but I am forced to call this Company A since it is the actual company that I am now working in and I prefer to remain anonymous. What was exciting this time was however that when I made this tiny little buy I had to report it as inside trading so that was something completely new. It was also a bit stressful to buy it since the silence period very shortly starting and I had to buy it within a week or I would have to wait for almost two months until I would be allowed again.

The company is traded on that London stock exchange and I bought shares including fees for a value of 2502.87 €.


valuetradeblog said...

This is cruel! I want to know ;)

Wish you best luck with your work and investment!

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Yeah, I am truly sorry about this. The day I leave the company then I will inform what company A stands for... and who knows... it might be in two to three years from now based on Brexit.