Sunday 25 September 2016

E.On becomes E.On and Uniper

E.On, logo

My less than favourite energy company E.On have now since a couple of weeks gone ahead and handed out parts of Uniper. For my 400 shares in E.On I received 40 shares in Uniper so I got a nice even number. The value of each share is around 10 € and E.On dropped of course with an equal amount as what they handed out.

Uniper, logo

Uniper is the company that got all the dirty energy things from E.On. which surprise, surprise did not end up including the nuclear energy which makes the entire "green" concept for E.On utterly useless in Germany. Still Europe is larger than Germany and any countries and population considers nuclear power generated electricity to be clean so we shall see what the outcome will be.

Aktiestinsen (a Swedish famous investor) once said that stocks breed like rabbits. I do not know about that but this was at least my very first offspring so the breeding has started.

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