Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stock sold January 2017: Adidas

As I previously mentioned I should have sold my Adidas position last summer when they were up around 158 € per share during a day or two but I did not manage to get my thumb out quickly enough and the share price dropped down again. This time I had already come to terms with that Adidas is fully valued. Yes, they will have a bright future but the share price increase will from now on be ticking up with their earnings and not due to a realisation from Mr. Market that the future of this company is maybe not to go bankrupt which they seemed to think in January 2015 when I bought my shares. I was then also looking at other companies such as Nike that were trading well above a P/E of 30 which I therefore considered to be the valuation that Adidas hopefully also one day should have. They did and they do which meant that I sold them.

This holding was unfortunately very short with only 24 months and it pushed down my sold shares portfolio time to 25.6 months.

I sold my 35 shares for a total value of 5379 € (fees removed). I additionally gained 108.5 € in dividends during these 24 months and on my invested 1978 € I therefore made 177% and it has been my best investment as of yet.


Anonymous said...

That was a great returen for two years! God for you!


Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Thanks H!

Yes, I bought Adidas at a very good (lucky) moment.