Monday 1 February 2021

Stocks bought in January 2021

The part of the bonus that ended up on my broker account was directly spent today. I ended up buying three different companies of which two are famous.

I bought 25 shares in Berkshire Hathaway to increase my holding in investment companies. Currently I only have DBAG and Ratos, both are fairly small and a bigger investment / holding company was desired in the portfolio. For the 25 shares I paid in total 4,751 € which is around 190 € per share.

The second company that I bought was McDonalds. I'm not very happy with the PE of McDonalds but I still look upon it as a solid investment for the long term. By making this investment I've then also managed to cover my lack of property companies. I bought 15 shares at a total cost of 2,583 € which makes 172 € per share.

After a lot of contemplation I also decided to increase my holding in Stock Y. I therefore bought 830 shares at a total cost of 2,194 € which means I now own 1,600 shares at a total cost of 4,387 € or 2.74 € per share.

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