Saturday 30 October 2021

Dividends during Sep/Oct 2021


During the two months there were some substantial dividend payments being made to my broker accounts. The biggest by far coming from Rio Tinto that with this payment snuck in on second place in dividend payments for the year. Only BASF have in cash paid out more to me.

McDonalds paid out 26.34 € as cash on my broker account.

Shell increased their quarter dividends and paid out 55.51 € to my broker account.

Rio Tinto added a bonus dividend payment which meant that I received 310.71 € out as cash on my account.

Nike paid out 9.45 € and after taxes I got 8.03 € on my broker account.

BP paid out 36.72 € and all of it ended up as cash on my account.

IBM paid out 34.51 € and after taxes I got 29.33 € on my account to make new investments with.

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