Sunday 31 October 2021

Summary of October 2021


Summary of October 2021

This is a summary that combines the movements that have occurred during the month of September as well as October.

Dividends were received from several companies: BP, Nike, IBM, McDonalds, Shell and Rio Tinto.

I joined in the new share offers from both Easyjet and Lufthansa and we will have to see how that turns out.

When I started this journey I wanted to have a stock portfolio of 750k € in the year of 2033 during the course of it I readjusted my target to be 350k € and by having no debt and taking out ~4% with a early reduced stock portfolio this would then give me around 1000 € to live on each month (today working fulltime and having a rent of 600 GBP I manage to live on 1200 GBP per month) until the end of my life with no further incomes. There will be further incomes and it will be possible to live on 1000 € per month.

I keep going back and forth on what I should do next. Should I travel the world for one to two years? Should I move into my summerhouse (not ideal, owned by more family members), should I buy a house in Sweden close to my summerhouse and restore it? Should I buy a house in the south of France (I loved living there) and restore it and spend ~9 months there and ~3 months in Sweden when France is too hot? Difficult, difficult, difficult. Two of the options involves buying a house which I will have to do without a mortgage since I will not have employment. A restoration object can be bought in either country for <50k € and restoring it DIY style I just roughly estimate to another 25k €. I have now reached my 350k € target however buying a house and restoring it would require a total of 425k € which I am not yet at and more importantly I still have more to give to my current company before I am ready to walk away.

I had a lovely two week vacation in Sweden during the end of September seeing family and friends. Batteries were recharged for the autumn!

For the previous summary please visit Summary of August 2021 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

The total invested value is now at: 241,819 . Monthly investments were made in the Mixed ETF, Lufthansa and EasyJet.

The value of the portfolio is today: 351,849 € and I have 3,895 € in cash on my broker accounts. I have realised gains of 2,498 € and unrealised of 110,029 € (31%) which is not good enough but it is improving. My ETFs are now up at a value of 61% of my portfolio.

DAX is now up at 15,689 points which means that it has decreased by -0.6% since the previous summary and my own portfolio has decreased by -1.1% in the same time period.

Conclusion: There was a larger dip in September but already in October that was pretty much balanced out again. DAX ended up with a better performance than my own portfolio this time around. I have now reached my target but will continue to save and invest to build up a larger buffer to give myself more room to decide what to do next. The main driver is however that I have more to give to the company that I'm working for before I push the retirement button.

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