Monday 6 December 2021

Stocks bought in December 2021


Due to a tax return and change of tax group I was able to make a more substantial investment than usual during December. I therefore decided to buy two holdings, one old and one new one.

The first one was that I increased my holding in Rio Tinto by buying 45 more shares at a price of 55.74 € with a total cost, including stamp duty, of 2,520.49 €.

I also decided to buy more ETF and I found Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe had a reasonable yearly price tag of 0.1% fee. I therefore bought 65 parts of this ETF at a cost of 36.16 € per part with the total cost of 2,350.69 €

I made one more investment <1k € but the company is so small that I do not want to bring it up and I will not include it in any updates. The two mentioned above will however be included in the next update.

During the weekend I managed to go to Berlin for Christmas market and to see my friends there. It was really nice but life for a non vaccinated person will not be very joyful in the future. Every restaurant, stores, cinemas etc all demanded to see proof of vaccination and ID card before you are allowed to enter. So people have two options: Either I get the vaccination or my life will be very much centred around me sitting at home and never doing anything fun. Germany takes a similar approach to winter tyres. There is no law about it but if you have an accident in winter without having winter tyres on then the insurance companies are not paying out... so you are pretty much forced to use winter tyres even though there is no law about it. It's a bit passive/aggressive.

I'm currently waiting for the PCR result before I'm allowed to get back into the office again so fingers crossed it comes back negative and I can be in the office tomorrow.

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