Saturday, 8 January 2022

Dividends during December 2021


I'm a little bit late with this report so actually it also covers the dividend payments during the first week of January also but to my great pleasure several of them have paid out dividends to me so that it great!

BP - paid out 38.54€ that was received as cash on my broker account.

Nike - paid me 10.77€, the taxman took his pound of flesh (15%) and I received 9.16€ as cash on the broker account.

IBM - paid me 36.38€ and in the end it dropped in 30.92€ in cash.

TJC - paid out 14.61€ of which I received 12.42€.

Intel - paid me a nice chunk of 41.25€ of which 35.06€ stuck on my broker account.

ETF EU - directly gave me 13.52€ on my broker account.

Shell - gave me a nice payment of 58.29€ directly as cash.

McDonalds - paid out 29.40€ as cash on my broker account and finally

Yum brands - paid me the tiny sum of 8.44€ on my broker account.

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