Saturday 21 January 2023

Bought stocks during December 2022


With the increasing interest rates on mortgages I took the decision to invest in a bank (and others) spread in GBP. This could be done due to that I had sold off the fast food investments in the highly valued dollar.

The Swedish currency is currently low valued and the Swedish stock market have reduced significantly. Sweden is an export heavy country so they will profit from the low valuation of the currency and I will hopefully get a double effect; Currency + stock market going up, so buying an ETF seemed reasonable to me.

500 shares were bought in Barratt Homes for a total value of 2,289.68 € or 4.58 € per share.

1,900 shares were bought in Barclays bank for a total value of 3,384.10 € or 1.78 € per share.

6,500 shares were bought in Lloyds bank for a total value of 3,352.66 € or 0.52 € per share.

270 shares were bought in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust for a total value of 2,293.44 € or 8.49 € per share.

700 shares were bought in HSBC bank for a total value of 3,953.82 € or 5.65 € per share.

4,900 parts were bought in ETF SWE for a total value of 30,167.53 € or 6.16 € per share.

The monthly update that follows will reflect these changes made to the stock portfolio.

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