Tuesday 11 March 2014

Dividend from Intel in March 2014

An American semiconductor producer

While I was off in India one of my companies paid out dividend to me. Those papers from the bank always comes to me as a happy surprise and I keep wondering if I am ignorant since I do not keeping track of when the dividends should come from each of my companies. Do you keep track of all your companies and when they pay out the dividends to you?

So from Intel I received for the quarter 22.5 USD which gives me after conversion 16.31 EUR and from that I pay 2.45 EUR in tax which leaves me with 13.86 EUR that is added to my stock deposit account.

Lately there has been some interesting news concerning Intel that says that Intel missed the train slightly on the mobile market but might have just the correct product for the next train leaving. I have no clue if that is true or not and I have definitely no clue about what that next train will be but I am certain that new trains will keep coming and with each train the criteria and the needs will change accordingly.

My contrarian way of investing does not mean that I try to foresee the future. I just look at the past and today and try to buy shares in companies that have been performing well in the past and are for whatever reason being traded cheaply today and never forget one of the rule of thumb in business... 8 to 10 years from now 25% of the companies total revenue is coming from products being developed today.... unless you are Coca-Cola or similar brand heavy consumer product companies.

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