Friday 28 March 2014

Personalized Index Fund A: March 2014

Personalized Index Fund A, versus, DAX

So how has my PIF A been doing since last update you might wonder? Maybe you do not wonder about it but I did so I updated all the share prices on my horrible excel table to see what would drop out in the end and what we do see is that there has been some improvement over the last quarter!

For the previous publication concerning PIF A please look here.

So from the start of this experiment the development of DAX has been 22.7% and PIF A is at 17.9% which means that PIF A is being beaten by DAX. However in comparison to last quarter PIF A have made a giant leap forward with +3.6% while DAX has only improved by +1.5% during the same time period. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will go on but I doubt it with PIF A since it contains all the companies on DAX with only a slightly different value weight to them based on their previous years performance.

PIF A will be re-weighted once per year which means that before the next update of this fund a re-weighing will have taken place that I will then also report on how I did that but it will be done according the performance of the company during the last year.


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