Sunday 30 March 2014

Personalized Index Fund C: March 2014

PIF C, Fund, March, 2014

The fund that directly from the start has been running the best has been PIF C. Here also the parameter of ROE was involved to grab the companies that not only were cheap but also are good in handling the money they receive in profit. The full list and of companies involved and the previous publication can be found here.

What we see is that the last quarter has been good for PIF C and we have gone from +19% to +24% which is a difference of +5% while in the same period DAX has moved from +21% to +23% which is only a 2% increase. This then also means that PIF C is currently performing better than DAX not only quarter wise but overall.

It will be exciting to see if this progress can be kept up and which companies that will be brought in with the next change of the PIF C composition.


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