Friday 22 August 2014

All the companies on DAX with Google Docs

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Now also all the companies on DAX have been brought into a Google Docs spread sheet with a live update of all the values.

I do not know if anyone of you noticed it but I have fiddled a little with the motivated P/E value that becomes too high with an extreme growth company and I wanted to still have an automatic formula that could be calculated in the spread sheet. I decided to mix in ROE as a criteria and I also added a 20% margin.

To go to the live updated spread sheet of the DAX companies then please click on Companies on DAX 2014.

There will also be a permanent link to the spread sheet that can be found on the Stocks of Interest page.

Here is a snapshot of the companies on 21.08.2014:

DAX, companies, contrarian, valuation, August, 2014

Conclusion: As we can see in the table several of the DAX companies are highly valued. In several cases this is due to poor earnings example: DB, Commerzbank etc. but in other cases it is simply due to too over valued share prices with for instance Beiersdorf and to a certain extent also Bayer. Only two companies end up green: Fresenius and Volkswagen.


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